A droplet in the waves

I am a droplet of water
Born in the clouds
Fallen to the sea
A single drop among the waves
Battered by the elements
Taken to plunging depths
I am a droplet of water
Born in the ocean
I am the entire sea

Shifting sand

The shallow pools left behind when the waves recede leave a constantly shifting mirage of dunes and landscapes.IMGP0108


Your smile

A constellation
Every tooth sparkling from its own nebula
Cosmic music bursts violently
From a collapsing galaxy
As your laugh wells up from deep time
Your eyes glitter back from tomorrow
A reflection of the stardust of creation
Your lips
As lonely as the moon
With its half crescent smile
Tracing the sky
Behind a crooked orange paintbrush
Up until an infinite wave of space
Engulfs me in the soft pillow
Of your hair,
And the shadows of the sunset
Put me to sleep in your smile

Day and night on the beach

IMGP9958A tide pool on Myrtle Beach, South Carolina throws off a reflection that’s unsure if it’s day or night.