Month: January 2016

Moonlit preamble

Chasing the moon
Like a coyote in the night
Barreling through the fog
You defied the natural laws
That everything else must abide by
Everything about your place
And your time
Was dimly lit
Yet driven forward.


Great Wall of China

IMG_4611The Great Wall of China slides along the landscape like and ancient dragon for more than 13 thousand miles. This portion, close to Beijing, rolls along the crest of mountain ranges and fills daily with tourists.

Day and night on the beach

IMGP9958A tide pool on Myrtle Beach, South Carolina throws off a reflection that’s unsure if it’s day or night.

Lake Atitlan at Daybreak

The subdued blues of the rising sun over Lake Atitlan, Guatemala, highlight how serene the mountains surrounding the lake appear at the break of day. By early morning, the towns and villages surrounding this highland lake are buzzing with farmers, artisans, trade boats, and tourists.

Atitlan rising

Sailing from time

Over the bow
I stared deep into the blue
A reflection looked back
Dark, it watched me
We fell, we swam, and we drown
We became the sea
We became the sun
We were lost in time
Time forgot to hold us
We forgot to watch the time

A memory of the sun

This memory
Is made of something
Stronger than thoughts
Stronger than the senses
For you’re all I can paint in my dreams
Once filled with open spaces
And seas
And all that I hear
Over the drone of the city
What my skin longs to feel
Is your gentle warmth
Crawling over the pillow
It recalls this memory quite often
In a moment without occupation
This memory was built
By more than feeble minds
The flesh of our carnal lust
Fueled by each other’s hot breath
A layer peeled away by the sun

Calsbar Quarry, Gulliver, Michigan

Calsbar Quarry

A colorful glimpse into a unique quarry in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. This former limestone quarry was filled almost instantly when miners hit a natural spring. The white limestone gives the water an almost tropical color, while remaining crystal clear to see the sunken buildings, equipment, logs, and wildlife at the bottom (about 20 feet deep when this photo was taken). It used to be one of my favorite swimming places, but was drained in recent years to resume limestone mining.

Three days

For three days we waited
In a place with no wind
We sat in the eye of the storm
And only found out where
The thunder crashed into our dreams
Day and night
Had long melded together
And the distance had creeped into our blood
Something dark on the horizon
Whose sting is easy to forget
When your lover lays with you
But impossible to forget
In an abandoned bed.