The weight of love

How much does love weigh?
Enough to keep a light heart from floating away?
Nourished by absence,
It grew heavier
Day by day
And although neither promised
A single tone carried enough
The final moment said enough assurances.


Moonlit preamble

Chasing the moon
Like a coyote in the night
Barreling through the fog
You defied the natural laws
That everything else must abide by
Everything about your place
And your time
Was dimly lit
Yet driven forward.

A memory of the sun

This memory
Is made of something
Stronger than thoughts
Stronger than the senses
For you’re all I can paint in my dreams
Once filled with open spaces
And seas
And all that I hear
Over the drone of the city
What my skin longs to feel
Is your gentle warmth
Crawling over the pillow
It recalls this memory quite often
In a moment without occupation
This memory was built
By more than feeble minds
The flesh of our carnal lust
Fueled by each other’s hot breath
A layer peeled away by the sun

Words carry your love

Words carry your love,
As they drift across an open sea
Of sand and worries
That were once hopes,
Scorched by the ages.
Your lips uncovered a tongue
Restless to make love
And ready to spill out
The racing thoughts
That contaminate
The sanctity of promises
Made to the sky
And sworn to things greater than ourselves

My foolish heart

My heart is made foolish
Feeble and young,
Made to be
Any form you imagine
For like soft red clay
Sticking to my ankles
As I laze on the river bed
You roll me over
Back and forth
Your fingers my judge
My artist and my muse
My savior.

A heart made foolish
Composed of hope
And dreams
Baked sturdy and strong
By days in
Your unrelenting sun

What the night brings

The night fell upon us
heavy and dark
insulating us
with its downy fringes
and that night I dreamt
of a wave of death
pure and forgiving
full of promising warmth
and I truly hoped
the night left us in silence

Falling in the night

I saw a beam of sun wink at me
Before it crashed full force
Into the petal of a flower
Bursting with deep blue veins
And with this solar warmth
Exudes a fragrance
So sweet
We became intoxicated
And threw around heavy words
And forgot to guard the walls we had built
And so they fell
As we fell with the sunshine
And became drunk with love deep into the night

A world made beautiful

The world is made beautiful
through life
and through death
in ephemeral eyes
immortality is put on display
laid out for all to view
a world made fragile
a world
not meant to break
a life unbroken
a life stitched back together