Kissed by the sun

Let the sun kiss my skin
For one last moment
Let it give me warmth
For all of mine is gone
Let me rest, now
For an eternal moment
As the sun takes my breath
And the wind takes my soul


Crying for redemption

You remind me of the spring blossoms
Whenever I recall the memories of those first few moments
When all I could do
Was center myself around you
And as we walked
I would get lost
In the depths of your black eyes
Where my reflection stood
Side by side
With your soul and your desires
And I was told by every
Strand of your hairs
As each one you left in my bed
Cried out for redemption.

Falling in the night

I saw a beam of sun wink at me
Before it crashed full force
Into the petal of a flower
Bursting with deep blue veins
And with this solar warmth
Exudes a fragrance
So sweet
We became intoxicated
And threw around heavy words
And forgot to guard the walls we had built
And so they fell
As we fell with the sunshine
And became drunk with love deep into the night