Dark skies

Rolling, rolling
It crashed over the horizon

They listened
But their fear couldn’t silence the thunder


This is an excerpt of a poem from Grains of Sand. To read the full poem, you can download the book via Kindle or purchase the paperback from Amazon.

Grains of Sand
COPYRIGHT © 2016 by Colton Babladelis
Excerpt appears courtesy of Winter Goose Publishing


Sea turtle staring contest

The expression that this turtle displays in his venerable eyes is part of the reason that I love turtles so much!Sea Turtle.JPG

Fighting for a day

United by a struggle
Empowered by love
Fueled by fear
To the sky we turned
In a moment of desperation
We begged the gods for repentance
We asked the stars
For a moment of light
We asked the night
For the day
And the day
For a little more time

Crying for redemption

You remind me of the spring blossoms
Whenever I recall the memories of those first few moments
When all I could do
Was center myself around you
And as we walked
I would get lost
In the depths of your black eyes
Where my reflection stood
Side by side
With your soul and your desires
And I was told by every
Strand of your hairs
As each one you left in my bed
Cried out for redemption.

Sailing from time

Over the bow
I stared deep into the blue
A reflection looked back
Dark, it watched me
We fell, we swam, and we drown
We became the sea
We became the sun
We were lost in time
Time forgot to hold us
We forgot to watch the time

Three days

For three days we waited
In a place with no wind
We sat in the eye of the storm
And only found out where
The thunder crashed into our dreams
Day and night
Had long melded together
And the distance had creeped into our blood
Something dark on the horizon
Whose sting is easy to forget
When your lover lays with you
But impossible to forget
In an abandoned bed.

A streaking comet

Our skin seared
Because every point of contact
Was a supernova upon itself
Burning in a cluster
Of a hundred million.
Your fingers traced
Fading streaks across my back
Like comets
Bombarding a dark chasm
Streaking burning histories
Causing a celestial snow
To cascade over our heads.