A droplet in the waves

I am a droplet of water
Born in the clouds
Fallen to the sea
A single drop among the waves
Battered by the elements
Taken to plunging depths
I am a droplet of water
Born in the ocean
I am the entire sea


Years of poetry, part 2

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Thanks to my very talented cousin, Amy Stoll ( for putting this together!

Ashes and diamonds

Salvaged from damnation
Ashes turned to diamonds
Your heart shone
A stone, stolen
From the depths of the earth
To the palm of my hand
A maddening brilliance
That lit kingdoms afire
And set hearts into frenzy

Through the elements

Out of torments,
Storms form the north,
Rains from the south,
You seemed to grow
Declining to recognize
The lack of warmth
All along promising to yourself
That one day the sun would come

Sailing from time

Over the bow
I stared deep into the blue
A reflection looked back
Dark, it watched me
We fell, we swam, and we drown
We became the sea
We became the sun
We were lost in time
Time forgot to hold us
We forgot to watch the time

A silent storm

The silence,
Golden like the dawn
It gave me space
New to me
After a turbulent year
It came to me
Like a tropical storm
Forceful, beautiful in its terror
Washing everything clear
Torn from the past
A flood came
From above
From below
All sides
Nothing could be denied
Nothing was the same
It came freely
It rolled over me
It took control
It electrified my senses
And I was alive once again

Celestial dance

My angel,
Walking through the fields
Of a soul profound and guarded
Touching every blade of grass
My only focal point
Dancing through the skies
You alone
Joking with the clouds.

A streaking comet

Our skin seared
Because every point of contact
Was a supernova upon itself
Burning in a cluster
Of a hundred million.
Your fingers traced
Fading streaks across my back
Like comets
Bombarding a dark chasm
Streaking burning histories
Causing a celestial snow
To cascade over our heads.

December dandelion

Oh, cheerful face!
How dare you be so defiant
as to smile on a cloudy day,
and that you dreamed of more,
is a preposterous venture!
But, what was that?
You’ve bloomed,
and proved us all wrong!